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Archer Heroes!
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Mar 5, 2024
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Belonging to the action game genre, the designs in Archero are extremely funny and cute. If you are a person with a hobby of archery, then you will definitely not miss this game. Let’s transform into the strongest archer in the kingdom, fight monsters to protect the peace of people.

About Archero

Archero is a mobile game developed by Habby that combines elements of action, adventure, and RPG gameplay. Players take on the role of a lone archer on a quest to defeat evil monsters and bosses in various levels.

Archero is an action-adventure RPG game that combines fast-paced combat, challenging levels, and upgradeable equipment. Players take on the role of a lone archer on a quest to defeat waves of monsters and bosses in procedurally generated levels.

  1. Unique gameplay mechanics Archero’s gameplay combines elements of action, adventure, and RPG gameplay. Players must navigate through procedurally generated levels while defeating monsters and bosses, all while upgrading their equipment and abilities.
  2. Upgradeable equipment and abilities Players can upgrade their archer’s equipment and abilities to enhance their combat effectiveness. This includes upgrading weapons, armor, and skills.
  3. Multiple levels and bosses Archero features multiple levels with procedurally generated layouts and a variety of bosses. Players must defeat each level’s boss to progress to the next level.

Gameplay mechanics

  1. Controls Archero’s controls are simple and intuitive. Players control their archer’s movement and aim with a virtual joystick and fire arrows by tapping the screen.
  2. Combat Archero’s combat is fast-paced and challenging. Players must dodge incoming attacks while firing arrows at monsters and bosses. The game features a variety of monsters with different attack patterns, and players must learn to adapt to each enemy’s tactics.
  3. Abilities and upgrades Players can upgrade their archer’s equipment and abilities using coins and gems earned during gameplay. This includes upgrading weapons, armor, and skills such as critical hit chance and damage reduction.

Levels and progression

  1. Procedurally generated levels Archero features procedurally generated levels, which means that each level’s layout and enemy placement is randomized. This provides a new challenge for each playthrough.
  2. Boss battles Each level features a boss battle that players must defeat to progress to the next level. Bosses have unique attack patterns and require players to learn their tactics to defeat them.
  3. Difficulty progression Archero’s difficulty increases as players progress through the levels. Monsters become stronger, bosses become more challenging, and players must constantly upgrade their equipment and abilities to keep up with the challenge.

Graphics and sound

  1. Graphics Archero features a colorful, cartoonish art style that complements the game’s action-packed gameplay. The game’s graphics are sharp and detailed, with a variety of environments and monsters.
  2. Sound Archero features a variety of sound effects and music that complement the game’s action-packed gameplay. The game’s sound effects are crisp and immersive, while its music sets the mood for each level.

In-game purchases

  1. Coins and gems Archero features in-game currency in the form of coins and gems. Players can earn coins and gems by completing levels or purchasing them with real money.
  2. Upgrades and items Players can use coins and gems to purchase upgrades and items to enhance their archer’s combat effectiveness. This includes weapons, armor, and skills.

MOD APK version of Archero

MOD features

  • Menu
  • High Damage
  • Attack Though Wall
  • Attack Though Enermies

Activate the MOD feature before starting the battle.

Download Archero APK & MOD for Android

If you are looking for an entertaining game, Archero is indeed a right choice. Bow and arrow, blood and fire, all blended together to form an extremely interesting symphony. In addition, the game also owns a large fan base.

Although the game is no longer a game with too new gameplay, Archero still retains a large number of loyal players. The game has a very high difficulty level, and it is this difficulty that makes players quickly immerse themselves in endless levels.

What's new

1. Added Main Chapters*2
2. Added Fishing Competition event
3. Added Hero outfit - Silken Dance (Dragon Girl)
4. Added weapon skin - Dragonmoon Cleave (Demon Blade - Rain)
5. Limited-time mode - Weapons and Adventure
6. Optimized clan system UI
7. Optimized "Demon King Clash" interactivity and difficulty, and released base skin change feature
8. Added Collect All Resources option to Estate. Requires that Fountain level is 20
9. Outfit upgrade released for Wukong



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