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If you are interested in arcade games and love to build your towns. So the game I am going to tell you about is made for you. The name of the game is Block Craft 3D.This is an interesting arcade game in which you can build your own world. You can make your own schools, hospitals, malls, houses and buildings.This game offers us so many gadgets which will help us in building the houses and all. You will get land and make your own buildings in your favorite place.You can build anywhere you want no one will stop you from doing this. This game has given you all the authorities, you can build your building freely.

You will be the head player of your town and you have to handle everything on your own. For the security of your fields and other properties you will need someone who can take care of your properties.In this case the pets of the game will help you. They will protect your land, fields and properties and in return you have to feed them and help them to get bigger.You can also sell your pets when they get bigger and you can adopt as many pets as you want.

What is Block Craft Apk?

Block craft Apk is a simulation game like minecraft which will train you how to create your buildings and how to do business on them.Like you can make a property in this game and decorate that with furniture and all after this you can also sell this property to other players. You can also customize your character with their outfits and accessories.This game has everything available like furniture, tractors, trucks and all. You will have to do everything on your own.

What is Block Craft Mod Apk?

This is a hacked version of the famous game block craft 3D. You can download this version in the form of a file.It is a safe file and will ask for your permission whenever you download the file.And will give you some different features from the original version like ad free feature in this feature you can skip the ads for lifetime for free.After doing this you will not see any ads

Make your own world

If you are a person who is interested in these town building types of games then this game is for you. This game will allow you to create your own world.You can take land from where you want to build your town. Then you can make the buildings according to you.You can build whatever you want to. This game will give you a totally free hand in making your projects. You can make schools, hospitals, malls etc.You can create your small town wherever you want to. You can customize each and everything by your own choice.

Customize your characters

What if we wear the same outfit everyday? Of course we will get bored by wearing one outfit everyday.So how can we do this with our game characters? When we see them in the same outfit everyday we get bored. This is why decorating your characters is important.When your character is up to date and gives them new outfits then you will also feel better in the game.The developers of this game understand that how much this change is important, this is why they gave you the option to decorate your characters.In this game you can customize your own character. They have categorised everything in their shop.You can change their outfits, caps and you can also put other accessories to your characters.


 If you are getting bored in your home,cannot meet your friends and miss them? Then try this game.This game is a Multiplayer game and will help you to gather your friends by sitting at home.In this feature you can play with your friends online. And also you can play with other random players. So you don’t get bored by playing alone.If you want to play sometimes alone then you can also play this game alone. You can do whatever you want to.

Pet adoption

When you build your own town you will also grow fields which will need security. From the bees and crows and many things like this.You will need someone who can take care of your fields. And this game is a simulation game so this is why the game offers us some pets.We can buy pets in this game so they take care of our fields and help us in the game.But you have to do some services for them too, like you have to feed them and take care of them very sensitively.And by passing time the pets will get bigger so you can also sell them to others.

Unlimited Gems

This game has two versions one is the official version that is uploaded by the developers and the second one is the edited version which is called Mod version.And as we all know how important gems are in the game. We can buy the most upgraded and best items from gems.Gems are the special thing in this game. In the original version you have to earn gems by doing challenges and all which is a little bit hard and takes time.But in the Mod version you will have unlimited gems which means they will never end. You can buy your favorite best items with them.Original version also allows you to get gems in a huge quantity but you have to buy them with your money.

Unlimited coins

Coins are the most important thing in the game. Because without coins we cannot do anything. We cannot even play the game properly.In this game when you are making buildings you need some items for them for which you need money.You can earn money by playing and completing the daily challenges which will take time. This process is a little bit hard for you.Because collecting coins is not as easy as you think. But you can make this easy by downloading the Mod version.Block craft 3D Mod Apk will provide you limitless coins which you can spend on your characters and upgrading of things.You can do many more things with them. This feature is totally free to you.Once your coins will end they will refill them. So there is no need to collect coins anymore.

Free to play

This version gives us so many special features. They will give you all the premium features unlocked and offer you some more additional features which will ease your game.These features are also available in Mod version but you have to do in-app payment which everyone cannot afford.So this is why the editors of the mod version have made it free for you. Inshort this game is totally free to download and free to play and won’t charge you any cost.


I’ve tried both of the versions and came to the conclusion that the Mod version is the best as compared to the original version because of its features.They will offer you extraordinary features which will make it easy for you.In this version you can also get limitless diamonds and this file is totally safe for your mobile phone.

What's new

We update the game regularly so we can make it better for you. Get the latest version for all of the available features. Thanks for playing Block Craft!



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