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No need for reseamara! SSR pilot confirmed at the first infinite gacha!
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Apr 5, 2023
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No reserama needed! SSR Pilot confirmed for the first time Infinite Gacha!
Free customization, build your own!
Beautiful girl x mech x apocalypse! A new strategy RPG, here!

■ Game Introduction
[Free Custom Plane System]
By customizing different planes by snatching parts from enemies and recreating your plane!
Once a specific part is collected, it will become a “dedicated aircraft” for the target character, changing it to its unique shape by “activating” it.
The parts are obtained directly by drop, instead of fragments. Players can change their plane at any time, build their own plane and build various teams.

[Develop and collect characters full of replay ability]
Collect a total of 100+ characters from three great powers and dozens of them, each on board a unique plane to unlock unique battle effects and special moves.
The sensitivity system allows you to build more intimate relationships with your characters. Once reaching a certain preferences, players can choose how to call the character when they call themselves, each with an exclusive voice.

[Real-Time Tactical Map System]
Over the tactical map, where the battles are changing in real time, different teams can be controlled by tapping to control the layout and actions, using different tactics depending on the terrain and soldier types.
Main tactical map missions include marching, defense, escort, capture, and puzzle-solving.
The world map system is divided into three countries, including empires, federations and city nations, where you are able to open the maps in each area by completing the missions and eventually, all maps are connected as a large world map.

[Shoot together with various planes and use your tactics to control your team]
In the battle, you can attack with up to 4 aircraft, one that you control and three fighters that are controlled by AI.
A variety of characters, planes, soldiers, equipment and skills can be combined with any enemy or stage mode to expand your tactics.
Also, depending on the types of characters and planes you build into a team, you can have different forms to form.

[Exhilarating Action, Unstoppable Shooting]
An exciting and exhilarating combat system of weapons and skills with various characteristics.
See the special moves that have visual impact and strategy elements.

[Base vehicle business development system]
Players can build rooms like dorms, observation room, hangar, laboratory, warehouse and more with their base cars. Each room will have different profit effect.
Raise the level of rooms in your base vehicle and you will discover rooms with new features. Construction of different rooms is opened after multiple rooms have reached a certain level.
You can modify the room to your liking and build your own base vehicle.

[Various scenarios and settings]
Deep world view, influence settings, storylines and eras.
There are detailed settings from each country’s culture, food culture, building style and ruled system to increase the character setting, as well as a lot of character interactions.
Original Animation: Each character has its own individual story, with more updated stories every week in the form of TV cartoons. Details of specific stage modes, scenario CG are also included.

【Spectacular Crafter】
Illustrations: Not only from Japan, but also famous by foreigners, such as China and South Korea, brought to you by Yasashikage Minami, Joji, Fortune 49, snow is, Tree shiyo, HANasa and others.
Music: Music composed by famous composer shade. The theme song will be presented by Vocal Inory as vocals.
Voice actor:
Temporary Amamiya / Asami Isai / Yuka Isuke / Sarana INOUE / Katana Ueda / Sayo Ohhara / Saori Ohnishi / Tomoyo Kazunoue / Chiaki Ohmi River / Toriyoshi Sato / Ayasu Touso / Yukari Tetsuda / Pharaoh Toda / Hiroshi Toshi / Hiromi Masashi: Yuzushi Izushi
※A lot of other ones
Join the great voice actors, including more than 20 famous voice actors. All characters will be implemented with voices when the game is released.
Anime: Rich selection of animations made by Japanese anime production companies.

■ View on World
In the lunar year 21110, meteorites crashed, the surface was ravaged, and most of humanity destroyed. Those who survived restored a barren land and developed technology.
Among them, a huge settlement named’Kegea’ combines great populations and technical skills to develop an on-board mobile armored weapon called the “FINAL GEAR”.
Later on, this technology spread all over the continent, with the three forces of “Kegea”, “Ileta” and “Hixia” formed in a battle of three-legged.
‘Black Ark’ is a mercenary only for girls who are good at piloting our plane,
They follow the squadron’s orders and today run on the battlefield with heavy mobile weapons.



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