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Create new audio recordings or edit audio files with the editor. Save the files in the desired audio format.
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After editing videos or MP4 formats, there was a need to edit MP3 and related formats too. This means there was a need to edit audios. To edit songs, audios, MP3, and many related formats of audios, there is an application called Lexis Audio Editor Mod APK. This is the hacked version of Lexis Audio Editor which gives you features without making purchases for them.

Lexis audio editor is a super application to edit any audio. We edit videos so much that we don’t pay a heed to audios. But now this app has been launched to do editing in audios such as trimming, cropping, 10 band, pitch changer, applying different effects, recording etc. So if you want to make a new audio, do editing with Lexis Audio Editor.

Features of Lexis Audio Editor Mod APK

Recording of audio

Audio recording is the main thing which is being used nowadays. Audio recording is used to save some important discussions. You can save these audios in your device in the music player, also if you want to create different reels and videos for your social platforms, there is also a need for audio recording; so that you can place audio behind your videos. Lexis audio editor Mod APK provides you a clear and easy recording of audios.

Importing of audios

Sometimes a certain video has a very good audio that you want to place it on other videos too. This mostly happens for Instagram reels where you want to extract or import different audios from one video to the other. This feature can also be fully filled by Lexis audio editor Mod APK which gives you a good quality importing of audios from any video or format.

Applying Audio Effects

There are multiple audio effects which include 8 d voice, 10 band, higher and lower beat, violin effect and any other instrument effect. All these audio effects can be applied to any song, audio or MP3 with the help of this app. In this way you can create new audios and make it according to you. There are also chances that if you put these audios in your reels they become viral.

Premium features available

There are multiple features in editing applications that are locked in the real version. People always want to use free features without payment. This mod version has premium features available and totally unlocked to use. These features include some new effects of the 2023 version.

Trimming and Cropping

This app allows trimming and Cropping of audios and songs. You can skip or trim any part easily now without disrupting the whole song or audio. We have listened to trimming or cropping only in the case of videos, till now, but now it’s also possible to trim audios. All because of lexis audio editor mod APK.

No unnecessary advertisements

There are no disturbing advertisements in Lexis audio editor mod version. These include just those advertisements that give you recent updates and notifications for this app. All the other ads are totally blocked here.

Copy and paste

You can also do copy pasting in case of audios. Copy pasting is not just in texts or videos, these are also possible now with the help of this editor to do in audios.

Latest features of Lexis Audio Editor Mod APK

Multiple editing

You can now do multiple track editing with the help of this app. This allows you to deal with many audio editing at a time. It works simultaneously with the same speed.

Audios conversions

There are many different types of audio versions like from MP3 to AAC, WAV etc. These can be done by Lexis Audio Editor Mod APK new version.

New beats and effects

There are some new beats, effects and various transitions in this latest version. You can lower the pitch of any song, reduce the unwanted voices, seamless loops etc.

Why is Lexis Audio Editor Mod APK a good application?

Lexis audio editor allows you to edit any audio or song that is not possible commonly with an easy interface. There are many softwares that allow it but they are complex. So this is an easy alternative to the complex apps.

Download Lexis Audio Editor Mod APK latest version 2023

Download the latest update of Lexis Audio Editor Mod APK to get the advanced features like 8d, 10 band, pitch converter, and many more unlocked and extra features.

Final Verdict

Now do easy editing for audios with Lexis Audio Editor Mod APK and get some new features with this latest mod update.

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