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Get a phone security app that helps protect you from viruses, malware and more. Malwarebytes’ award-winning antivirus app brings all the mobile security tools you need to help protect your phone. Get powerful virus protection with an anti virus cleaner, spam blocker, and more.
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Malwarebytes is a security tool that will protect your device from any virus or infected file. We download files without knowing about their background and they might cause viruses in our device that will make them slow. To avoid this situation, Malwarebytes is the best choice because it will scan all the documents that you download and it will also scan the links that you access with the help of your device. In this way, it will notify you about the infected content.

If you somehow get any virus threats then it will also help you to remove it. There are different scanning options available in this tool that are helpful in different situations. For example, the hypers can is a quick scan option, the customs can will scan only critical apps and files.

Get Malwarebytes APK Now!

Malwarebytes is an app that will help you to remove any threat from your device. This app will scan all the websites and apps that you access and will let you know about the possible viruses that you can get from them. It will also help you to remove the viruses from your device with different scanning options. This app will also scan all the websites that you access through your browser.

Features of Malwarebytes APK

Make your device virus-free

This is an app that will help you to make your device Virus free. You can make use of the different scanning options that are available in this app in order to look for any threats or viruses that can damage your device.

Scan all Files

This is an app that will scan all the files that you download on your device. It will scan all your documents, all your pictures and video so that it can let you know about any Malware.

Scan the links before accessing

This app will even scan the links before you access them. This feature is very beneficial because sometimes unknown links can cause viruses in your device and they can also be a source of hacking your device.

Quick Scan option

There are different scanning options available in this app and it also contains the quick scan option. This option is very useful because it will help you to scan your device in seconds so that you can get to know about any threats.

Select particular apps to scan

This app also contains the custom scan option. In this option, you will be able to select the apps and folders that you want to scan and the unselected apps will not be scanned by this tool.

Get danger alerts

This app will also let you know about any danger which means that if there is any virus in your device. It will provide you with alerts so that you can make use of the anti-virus to remove these viruses.

Threat Scan

This app also contains the threat scan option in which each and every file of your device will be scanned and it will take some time to complete.

Guard your browser

This is an app that will even guard your browser which means that every link and every website that you access will be scanned and it will look for any possible viruses or Malware that it can cause.

Advanced Protection

If you want to get advanced protection from the Malwarebytes app then you should download its pro version on your device.

No ads

The Regular version of this app contains a lot of ADS, but in the pro version there will be no such interruptions.

Why do people like Malwarebytes Pro APK?

People like Malwarebytes Pro APK because this version provides them with advanced protection of their device that can easily make use of the anti-virus option to remove the viruses and they can also add AppLock to the apps that they have downloaded on their device.

Download Malwarebytes Pro APK Latest Version 2023

If you get the pro version of Malwarebytes then there will be no Threats left as it will provide you with advanced protection. But the only way to have access to this feature is to pay the subscription charges of this app.

Malwarebytes APK 2023 Download

Malwarebytes APK 2023 will provide you with all the latest updates of this app that will help you to protect your device.

Final Verdict

This is a tool that is necessary for the protection of your device as it will let you know about any viruses and will also help you to remove these viruses from your device. If you want to get advanced protection then you should download the pro version of Malwarebytes.


Q. Can I remove viruses with the help of Malwarebytes APK?

Yes, you can remove viruses with the help of Malwarebytes APK.

Q. Does Malwarebytes allow you to clean junk?

No, Malwarebytes do not contain any option to remove junk.

What's new

Features & improvements
• Introducing Trusted Advisor - We've improved Security Advisor (now Trusted Advisor) to make managing your protection easier than ever, so you have peace of mind knowing Malwarebytes is always on the lookout for issues that impact your protection.
• Performance improvements

Issues fixed
• Scan in progress notification persists after completing scan
• Small UI improvements


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