"Volzerk:Monsters and Lands Unknown" will end its service on March 29, 2024.
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Join our hero, Fina on an adventure to create legendary monsters!
Together with unique friends, raise monsters, and defeat strong opponents!

Fort Lemria.
Discovered by the extreme sea, this island was inhabited by rich nature, mysterious ruins, and an unknown creature called monsters.
Mankind is attracted by this island, and soon you can form a research team. Try to investigate the island by deepening your interactions with monsters.
…… However, at one point, the epic battle between the Island Guardian Volzerk and the Beast Magna. Both of them disappear.

Ten years after that.
The effect of the disappearance of Volzark made the monsters extinct.
Meanwhile, one girl joins the survey team.
Her name is Fina. He was the only human who ever witnessed the disappearance of Volzerk.
In her chest, who loves monsters and only wants to flirt with them
There was a strong feeling of reunite with Volzark.

◆ Real action
“MONSTER UNIVERESE” is a unique action RPG where characters and monsters fight together!
Different combinations of characters and monsters will let you master your skills!
Make use of the uniqueness of each weapon, take turns to defeat stronger opponents!

◆Monster Raising
Powered by deep monster breeding!
Monsters can tell your abilities from your characters, and you can train them into your own monsters!
Plus, cross-breed two monsters to create a new monster that has its two personalities and abilities!
Raise the monsters to suit your play style and be able to take on tough enemies on your way!
You can also breed and breed your friend monsters one by one!

◆ Music
Youko Kanno

◆ Featuring an Amazing Voice actor,
Tempered 﨑 Akira Tada, Ashinasa Ito, Masaka Ishimi, Shinei Uzumaki, Sumie Uzumaki, Reina Ueda, Respect Uchiha, Ryo Oh Usaka, Hitasa Konohara, Akira Kano Shinichiro Kamio, Akinori Kitho, Ryo Kiki river, Toriyama Kusunoki, Hiyori Kawano, Ayumi Kotomiya, Satoku Sato, Miyo Shibubu, Ai Chikage, Ai Tsubasa, Takeshi Takeshi, Ai Tsubasa, Masami Hyano , FIL true Ai, Toshinari Fukatown, Yurina Fukagawa, Soon Horie, Ryokan Takashi, Yasuaki Maiya, Miimo Miki, Inosaki Sendaki, Takeshi Mountaino and others

◆ App price
App: Basic Play Free
※ There are some paid items.
Please be sure to read our terms and conditions before using.

Android OS 4.0 or higher Memory 3GB or higher (Not supported on all devices)
※ Please note that if you use on a device other than a mobile device, we will not be able to provide support or compensation.
※ Even if you meet the above requirements, it may not function properly depending on the device performance and network connection.

What's new

- Added English text option.
- Fixed the issues.



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