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South Park: Phone Destroyer MOD APK (Unlimited Energy) will help you invincible in this fun strategy game. The game is ready for download. But before that, let me find out some information about the game.

Introduce about South Park: Phone Destroyer

What is this game about?

South Park is an American TV series. Despite being an animated film, South Park has content with obscene lines and lots of dark jokes, so it is labelled 18+ (for adults). This series tells the humorous stories in the town of South Park, revolving around the four main characters Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, Stan Marsh, and Kenny McCormick.

If you want a cartoon game, you can try out Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys.


Inheriting the interesting content and characters of South Park, publisher Ubisoft has built South Park: Phone Destroyer, a hit strategy game on Google Play with more than 10 million downloads since its launch. Ignoring the dark in the content, Ubisoft “borrowed” the characters of this series and turned it into an extremely attractive and fun strategy game.

South Park: Phone Destroyer has gameplay similar to the classic tower defence games. On the screen are two players, one on each side of your screen. Players summon characters in South Park (by drawing cards on the deck) and put it on the battlefield. Your characters will automatically fight enemies. When the energy bar is full, you can unleash some of each character’s skills. Besides, you can also summon some special skills such as Firestorms, Ice Storm to slow down and damage the opponent.

Absolutely do not let the enemy get past your defence. They can attack your Kid. If you beat you (HP equals 0), the fight will end.


Undeniably, South Park: Phone Destroyer is a hard strategy game. You can easily pass some levels first, but there is no guarantee you can do the same thing with the following levels. Each enemy has different skills, strengths and weaknesses. Knowing this, you can choose a suitable squad to face the enemy.

Timing is also important. You can summon a special skill. Use it at the right time to spectacularly break the opponent’s team. When playing South Park: Phone Destroyer, you should know how to control your energy. You only have 10 energy, and it will only be enough for you to draw 2 to 3 cards. Then, you have to wait for your energy to recover to take the next action. Normal cards cost 2 to 3 energy. The stronger cards will consume more power. Sacrifice some HP at the early game to summon strong cards, or summon a lot of weak cards to your advantage. The choice is yours.


South Park: Phone Destroyer only has 2D graphics, but it’s really impressive. If you are a South Park fan, you can’t miss it. Images, colors, characters, voices are all designed as the original. In addition, they also bring you many interesting stories and dialogues.

Like the original, the game has some obscene contents. It is not suitable for children, so you should consider before downloading it.

This game is very fun

The first time you opened the game, South Park: Phone Destroyer made you laugh with its impressive intro. The characters of South Park are arguing to find an interesting battle for the players. A number of comments were made, including “police and thieves”, “superheroes and aliens”. But in the end, they chose the theme “cowboy and Indians”.

Not stopping there, when playing this game, you are the master of … the phone. The characters are looking for a leader who can help them win the war and bring peace to South Park. Moreover, they call you the chosen one. When you received Cartman’s call, you carried in your mind the mission of a hero. Try to reject his call and see how it goes!

Collect cards

The collection of cards is a feature that makes you want to play this game many more times. The game is full of characters from the original series. You can unlock cards and add them to the battle.

Customize your Kid

South Park: Phone Destroyer allows you to customize your character (called kid). You can customize hair, colors, costumes and more. Your character will stand on the battlefield, using your phone to summon warriors. Therefore, you should create a cool and unique character.

What's new

Technical update to keep the game running smoothly.



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