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Embark on the ultimate action journey of Robot fighting as you build an epic roster of powerful, battle hungry and larger than life robots! Enter the arena of touch based 3v3 combat with ULTIMATE ROBOT FIGHTING a free-to-play card collectible game.
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Whenever a human fights a battle there are some damages that happen to them and the humans can even die because of fighting in different Battles which is quite vulnerable. But have you ever thought what would a battlefield be if there were robots instead of humans? It would be a great thing because robots are repairable and the damage that happens to them is not life threatening that’s why playing battle games with robots would be much fun.

Ultimate Robot Fighting is a game that includes robots. In this game there are various kinds of robots that you can unlock. Each and every robot has some special powers and you can get to know about them with the cards that describe their four characteristics. You can easily assume which is the best robot by considering the stats available on the cards. You can also unlock different robots and play the battles with them.

What is the Ultimate Robot Fighting Game?

Ultimate robot fighting game has a very interesting storyline in which a crazy AI scientist starts producing robots and these robots need to fight in the battle Arena to show their capabilities. There are diverse kinds of robots available in this game and you can select the one that you like. You can also get to know about their abilities by reading the cards of each robot. You can also collect a lot of gold and rewards by winning levels.

What is the Ultimate Robot Fighting MOD APK?

It is the modified version of the Ultimate Robot Fighting game. In this game you can come across so many different robots but you need to spend gold to unlock these robots. If you want to collect unlimited gold in this game then you can download the Ultimate Robot Fighting Mod APK. You can also enjoy unlocked gameplay by the help of this version. There are so many rewards that you can earn in this version.

How do you collect Gold in Ultimate Robot Fighting Game?

Whenever you will win a battle with other robots you will get to see the secretary of the AI scientist who is named Cassie. She will come to give you gold and rewards that can help you to unlock different robots and also help you to increase the power of the current robot. You can also use this gold to upgrade your character and buy a lot of different robots.

How would you know which is the best Robot in Ultimate Robot Fighting Game?

In this game all the robots have a card displaying the stats. There are four parameters that are measured in these stats. To know about the best robot you should read the card. The four parameters that are mentioned at the card are the damage, weapons, rank of the robot and the level. You need to find out the lowest damage rate and the highest weapons rate. The robot which has both of these things is the best.

Features of the Ultimate Robot Fighting Game

Fight 3vs3 Battles

You can enjoy the three versus three battles in the Ultimate Robot fighting game. You can also invite your friends to this game.

Different robots with amazing stats

There are so many different robots and there is a card that will help you to know about the different abilities of a robot so that you can choose the most powerful one.

Amazing fighting levels

There are so many amazing levels available in this game that you can play. With each level the difficulty of this gameplay will increase.

Increase your rank

There is a leaderboard in which you can increase your rank by winning as many battles as you can in this game. You can also indulge yourself in the multiplayer battles.

Collect Rewards

You can collect a lot of different rewards in the ultimate robot fighting game.

Features of the Ultimate Robot Fighting MOD APK

Unlocked Robots

All the amazing robots are unlocked in the modified version of this game.

Unlimited Gold

You can collect unlimited gold in the modified version of Ultimate Robot Fighting.

Free Upgrades

By downloading this hacked version you can upgrade your robot for free.


Ultimate robot fighting is a unique Gameplay in which there are no powerful characters but unless there are the robots with which you need to fight the Battles. The damages that will be made to the robots can easily be healed and if you want to enjoy free upgrades in this game then you can download Ultimate Robot Fighting Mod APK.


Q. What does ZeroG do in the Ultimate Robot Fighting Game?

ZeroG protects the astronauts when they head on to a mission.

Q. Which is the Female Robot in Ultimate Robot Fighting?

Jonnie law robot is the female police officer in the Ultimate Robot Fighting.

What's new

Adjustments have been made for smoother and easier gameplay. It's time to get straight into the action.



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