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There are various softwares and websites that can only be used on a laptop because they are designed to be opened in a Windows device. To use these softwares on your Android device, you can download Exagear Windows Emulator. This is an app that will help you to turn your mobile into a different Windows version. The controls and settings of these Windows will be modified according to the Android system so that you can easily operate it.

It also comes with a built-in Explorer so that you can easily search for different websites, you can easily play your favourite games on this emulator and you can even connect this app with any external controller so that you can easily operate your device.

Get Exagear Windows Emulator APK Now!

Extra gear Windows emulator is a tool that will help you to modify your device into a Windows device. You can easily use all the softwares and websites on this app that are only available on laptops to use this efficiently. You can modify controls and you will also be able to select different screen preferences on it. This app will also provide you with a built in browser so that you can easily search for different websites.

Features of Exagear Windows Emulator APK

Simple and Accessible

This app is very simple and it’s easily accessible by anyone. You just have to download it on your device and you will be able to use all the windows features on your Android device.

Open any software

There are some softwares that can only be used on a laptop or a PC. But if you want to use them on your Android device then you can do this with the help of this emulator. You can open any kind of software with the help of it.

Connect with external hardware

You are not comfortable by using it with the controls on your device then you can simply connect this app with any external hardware.

Modify Controls

This app will allow you to modify the controls so that you can use it comfortably. You can select any type of controls in order to move the cursor on your screen.

Select Screen Preferences

As this app provides you with different Windows options, it also provides you with the screen preferences. You can decide whether you want the windows to appear in a vertical manner or in a horizontal manner.

Built-in Browser

This app contains a built-in browser that will help you to search for different websites and softwares easily. This browser is the same as the browser of your device.

Compatible with all devices

This is an app that is compatible with all the different types of Android devices. You can download it on any model and start enjoying all the Windows Features on it.

Regular Updates

This app provides you with regular updates that will provide you with a better interface each time. You will also be able to get a lot of new features with these updates.

Premium Settings

There are a lot of premium settings and preferences available in this app that you can get. But for this purpose, you have to download the premium version of this tool.

No ads

There are a lot of ads in the regular version of this emulator but you can easily remove them by getting the premium version of it.

Why do people like Exagear Windows Emulator Premium APK?

People like Exagear Windows Emulator Premium apk because in this version, they are going to have all the premium settings that will provide them better controls. They will also get a better interface and an app that is free from unwanted ads.

Download Exagear Windows Emulator Premium APK Latest Version 2023

If you download the premium version of Exagear Windows Emulator then you will have access to all the advanced features of this app. But you do have to pay the subscription charges in order to get this premium version.

Exagear Windows Emulator APK 2023 Download

If you want to get a better interface of this app then you should download Exagear Windows Emulator APK 2023.

Final Verdict

If you want to enjoy all the features of a Windows device on your mobile then you should get this emulator. It will provide you with different screen preferences and you can also connect it with external hardware to use this app efficiently. In order to get the advanced settings of this app, you can download its premium version.


Q. How can I connect Exagear Windows Emulator APK with external Hardware?

You can connect Exagear Windows Emulator to external hardware with bluetooth connection.

Q. Can I change the size of the screen in Exagear Windows Emulator APK?

Yes, you can easily change the size of the screen on this app.

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