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Welcome to My Singing Monsters! Breed them, feed them, listen to them sing!
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Big Blue Bubble Inc
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Oct 15, 2012
Feb 2, 2024
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Recently, there is also a potential rookie on the topic of monster collecting, My Singing Monsters, developed by Big Blue Bubble. Although only released for a few days, the game has collected more than 10 million downloads and a great score. This is also the clearest proof of a quality product.

About this game

Since the birth and strong development of the legendary Pokemon so far, there have been countless imitation games in the style of collecting monsters. But they were all unsuccessful because of their poor quality and poor ideas.

It was not until recently that there were a few notable names for gamers because of their content creativity and experiential thinking. It has attracted a large number of fans. For example, Dragon City Mobile and Monster Legends are two typical individuals who have made a big splash when they have received hundreds of millions of downloads and an incredibly high revenue. This opens the way for other developers to come up with extremely new ideas.


My Singing Monsters is a simulation game where players collect and breed a variety of adorable monsters, each with their own unique sound, and create a musical symphony on a virtual island. The monsters can be placed in different habitats to produce various tunes and melodies that players can customize by arranging and mixing different monster sounds. Players can also decorate their islands with different structures, flowers, and trees to create a vibrant and unique environment for their monsters.


Music is a central theme in My Singing Monsters, and the game offers a variety of sounds and melodies that players can mix and match to create their own compositions. Each monster has its own musical style and sound, ranging from blues and jazz to techno and rock. As players collect and breed new monsters, they can add new sounds and tunes to their musical creations.


Breeding is a key mechanic in My Singing Monsters, allowing players to create new and unique monsters by combining different types of monsters. By breeding two monsters, players can create a new monster with a hybrid sound and appearance, adding even more variety to their musical symphony.


My Singing Monsters offers a social aspect to gameplay, allowing players to connect with friends and other players online. Players can visit each other’s islands, listen to each other’s musical creations, and exchange gifts and items to help each other progress in the game.


The game features a progression system that rewards players for collecting and breeding new monsters, expanding their island, and achieving different milestones in the game. As players progress, they can unlock new monsters, habitats, and decorations, and earn rewards that help them advance further in the game.

Overall, My Singing Monsters is a unique and engaging simulation game that combines music and creature breeding mechanics to create a fun and immersive experience for players of all ages.

What’s new

• NEW Colossal Conundrum: Cold Island
• NEW Seasonal Event: Cloverspell
• Ffidyll now available on Faerie Island
• NEW Island Skin: Cloverspell
• NEW Decorations: Obstacle Decorations for Cloverspell
• Dipsters now available on Faerie Island
• Amber Monster Wave 13: Tuskski, Rare Edamimi

What's new

We're going through a phase... a moon phase, that is! CRESCENDO MOON is arriving soon on Magical Sanctum, and as the Seasonal Event gets underway, there's cause for celebration all across the Monster World...

• NEW Monsters: Dipsters on Magical Sanctum, Rare Fleechwurm, Rare Knucklehead, Adult Furnoss
• NEW Costumes and Animated Decorations for Crescendo Moon
• Improvements and optimizations



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