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Pokemon Let’s Go Mobile also revolves around the classic plot of the series. In a sacred land far away, there are mysterious creatures that have existed for a long time. Their presence and talents can only be discovered and discovered by Pokemon Trainers. The villain this time is the Rocket Team, a team of 3 idiots, both cruel but also very pitiful.

As the famous trainer of the series, Satoshi, you will set out to delve into the Pokemon world to find, and collect rare Pokemon species and collect badges. There’s a lot to do in this world: travel around whenever you like, catch wild Pokemon and tame them in your own way.

Along with trainers and countless Pokemon species, you will step by step create your own trainer history and find the strongest Pokemon team in the world.

Pokemon Let’s Go Mobile has hundreds of species of Pokemon. In terms of quantity, it’s not too big compared to other Pokemon games on mobile, but the shape and quality, and bold personality of each Pokemon are what makes the game especially attractive.

Pokemon series on mobile is often seen as boring. It is not until you play Pokemon Let’s Go Mobile that you understand that the above thinking is completely wrong. The first is about the eye-catching Pokemon species in the game. Each Pokemon, whether familiar or strange, has a sharp appearance, detailed in every line. The way they move, and launch skills are also smooth, natural, and very attractive.

Thanks to the high-tech graphics, the movement and fighting style of each Pokemon are always attractive. You can see Mewtwo going into space and using Shadow Ball to damage opponents, Turtle Blastoise shooting bullets from the cannon on his back, or Charizard’s rampage skills.

Beautiful and sharp, but Pokemon in Pokemon Let’s Go Mobile is also more than that. They are intelligent, proactive, and active, and each has a distinct personality. It is thanks to this dynamism that the competitions in Pokemon Let’s Go Mobile take place more vividly than in other games.

In Pokemon Let’s Go Mobile, you have many chances to catch Pokemon, this chance will increase depending on when and where the Poker Ball is thrown. When you throw the ball, a circle appears surrounding the Pokemon. This circle is both a guide to throwing the ball and a tool to increase the ability of Pokemon from the trainer.


Not only Pokemon but also Trainers are very active in their roles. The process of acquiring Pokemon happens quite quickly, when you throw a Pokeball at a Pokemon, you can already gather it into the team. On the way, if you come across a Pokemon you don’t want to talk to, you can just skip it, and not be forced to chat like in other games.

You can also choose any Pokemon you want to collect, and have the right to choose Pokemon to participate in battles with other trainers. For many people, this is special freedom that Pokemon Let’s Go Mobile brings.

Compared to other games, Pokemon Let’s Go Mobile has helped bridge the gap between old and new Pokémon players. Even if you’re new, creating characters and Pokemon in Pokemon Let’s Go Mobile will keep you hooked and dive deep into the game to master skills. Or when you are an old player, the gameplay is both familiar but contains many modern elements of this game.

Pokemon matches are also more jubilant because there are many outstanding variations like Mega Pokemon. The levels in each Pokemon species are expanded, so the battles require more skills, and the atmosphere is also more dramatic than in other games.

Each high-and-low battle between trainers is a real battle of Pokemon, Each trainer is allowed to bring a team of up to 6 Pokemon, and Each Pokemon will have its own move and power level. Taking a close look and drawing the rules of the game is what you should prepare for every match of Pokemon Let’s Go Mobile.

Remember, the type of move, and the type of Pokemon chosen, all affect the amount of damage dealt. Weird situations can happen that make you constantly explore and read about Pokedex.

Excellent graphics and sound

In Pokemon Let’s Go Mobile, the beautiful natural surroundings around you, along with the background layers arranged before and after create an attractive 3D environment. Hills, plains, deep forests. Each location is completely different, each place has many angles and details to exploit, and there is no boring duplication.

Pokemon Let’s Go Mobile sound is not much different from other Pokemon parts, On that bright background music, sound effects have been added. Vivid and realistic, especially the battles between Mega-level Pokemon.

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